Sunday, 9 December 2012

Busy busy week Christmas Elf work etc.

written by Linda Gauthier

Hubby's office party this weekend and trying to get ready to send off boxes to Newfoundland, Epicure parties, etc. just a busy little elf.
Much like everybody else at this time of year.
I am going to sit down and send out the info you are all waiting on:
Did she or didn't she lose weight this week.
I just know there are hordes of you out there waiting in anticipation for my latest words of wisdom.
I am sure of that.
But, oh well, I seem to have become addicted to talking to myself and guess what?
I like it!
Is that considered a character flaw?
Or one of those senior moments?
Well, I did lose this week.

I am now down to...

Seem to be at a plateau, but is is a slight loss.
From last week's 142.8, this week's 142.4 gives me a grand total loss of 29 lbs even, as of today.
On the bright side, it is not a gain.

Now I have something to show you.
Normally I am totally against having my picture taken and it is not enjoyable for me.
However, I have made a photo montage of "before and now" pics, which can be found at this site.
Click on the opening photo to start the image carousel of photos.
Click on each to view description texts.  Click again to return to the carousel.

Here is another photo, taken just before we headed out to the party.
New dress, new attitude and I actually let a picture be taken of me.  So you now have a more recent face to go with these feet.
More to lose, and I now have to start concentrating on my activity level and toning, but I now know that I can do it.
It seems to be a matter of proving to myself that it does work, then I can see the possibilities that I can go further.  I am sure that this is the same with a lot of us who have more than 5 lbs to lose.
What once seemed an impossible task, now feels possible, and I have to say, it really gives me a nice exhilarating feeling, to be finally rid of this excess weight.

Talk to you soon and hope you will try some of my recipes.
With a tiny bit of exercise, they really do work.
In other words, you don't have to kill yourself nor sacrifice taste.
And if any of you want information about the Epicure Products, you can just leave me a comment and your email address.
Or email me directly, to keep your email private.
I would be happy to answer your questions.  

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