Sunday, 3 February 2013

This is going to be a weekend of celebrations...

Written by Linda Gauthier

"It's a good thing" as one of  my heroes says......

I have been distracted this week, finding it hard to blog, the reason for this is that our son and daughter are coming home.
He returns from his world travels, having traveled for the past 6 months. Our daughter came home as a wonderful surprise for her father and her brother, she arrived here from Newfoundland.  This is a wonderful thing, no matter how old your children are, and how much you want them to have a bold and adventurous life, when they are gone that long and traveling on their own or living on the opposite side of your larger than life country, as a parent there is nothing better than having your children walk through the front door and announce that they are home.  Pure joy runs through my heart, and I find myself staring at them trying to take in every detail, all the changes, all that is the same, their smiles, the family language, the joking, the nuances of being family, saying you love each other without all the words, just the looks, gestures, body language, the familiar teasing.
Sheer delight, that's what I feel.  As I write this, I am planning a Christmas/Birthday dinner for Hubby.  Yes, you read that right. Christmas in February, since we were not together for Christmas and as a result, just did not feel the same.
Our son, while his hosts were well intentioned, had a boiled chicken, head and all on a bed of rice. (I think they thought that is what "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas" meant) Not exactly a traditional Canadian dinner, good for a giggle but he did miss Christmas traditions.
Our daughter had a wonderful family dinner with her Newfoundland family, but I did not get to spoil her with our traditional recipes, and ours, well, it was just hubby and I and our Nicole, who tends to be pretty silent on the matters of tradition or Christmas dinner for that matter.  We had a wonderful boxing day feast but somehow without the kids it just did not feel the same.

So, on with the reasons I am writing this blog; this week's menu and the big reveal. 

I am still stuck around the 140 mark, darn, darn, darn!!!  So, I guess this means I really have to get serious about my exercise; Nemesis number 2, deux, dos, dva, dwa whichever language you use, it is still a problem area for me and may even be my hardest to overcome.
Years of "sloth hood" and saying "I'll do it tomorrow" are persistent problems with which I am very familiar, and seemingly comfortable with.  However, it is not as hard as it once was and it will only get easier if I set my mind to it.  So setting mind to it now!!!

The following is some interesting information I found in one of my Cooking Healthy Cookbooks and I thought you may find it interesting.
This is from Better Homes and Gardens' "The Ultimate Low-Calorie Book".  It has 400 light and healthy recipes, along with tons of useful tips and hints.

February 2-8 Menu

Please note that there will be changes to Sunday's evening menu.  I just am not sure what, so I will post that later.  Thanks

              nice advice you got there

Smile, laugh and enjoy your family and friends, take time for yourself.  Take joy in the small things in life, it sure makes the long ride easier.
Until next time have a great day and thanks for reading.

  Just thought this was so cute, I'd share it with you.

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