Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The journey begins or what the heck am I thinking...

Hi my name is Linda and I'm entering the brave new world of blogging.  I'm relatively new to the tech world. My children dragged me kicking and screaming into this exciting new adventure, and what you should know about me is until a very short time ago I didn't even have a cell phone.

Right about now you are probably asking, why should I be reading this and what does this have to do with weight loss?  If you keep reading you will see it is going to have a lot to do with weight loss.  I have struggled with my weight my entire life, I have tried practically every weight loss method known to man and woman, with varying degrees of success.  I have gone from my all time high of 240 lbs in my late 20's to my lowest point of 145, however most my life I have wavered between 150 and 175.  Well today I have decided I'm getting too old to be carrying around this extra baggage and it's out of here.

I have recently become a consultant with Epicure Selections, and I have found I can produce fast delicious meals with all the flavor I crave, without all the fat, salt and additives that convenience foods contain, or the cost of restaurant meals.

This blog is going to have my recipes, calorie counts, and for those of us used to a points system I will be including that as well, and with great trepidation my weigh-ins (oh lordy, lordy that's going to be fun), you will get to experience all of my ups and downs.  I'll be posting my weekly menus, and any handy tips I come across. I will also be starting to increase my activity level.  Please Join me in this journey and help me stay on track.

Please remember I am not a nutritionist this is just my diet adventure journal.  I may need to tweak the menus as I go along, for instance if I feel I am not getting enough food etc.  If I do, I will advise you about that as well.  I am not purporting to be a diet expert or an expert in either cooking or weight control.  If I was I wouldn't have been fighting this battle all my life.  Before starting my diet
I consulted with my doctor about starting this diet.

Now for a shameless plug for my business.   If you want to see, or learn about, or order any of the Epicure products I use, I've linked my business page to this blog.  If you want to ask me any questions you'll find my email address there as well.

Click here to go to my Epicure page.

Click here for my First week menu and recipes. (Powerpoint)


written by Linda Gauthier Photos by Linda Gauthier

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