Thursday, 30 August 2012

I'm ready for my close up Mr. De Mille

First weigh in lordy, lordy, lordy!!!!   I have to be insane, but here goes.

Side note, it does not help to stand on one foot, hold onto towel bar or try to levitate, these darn electronic scales are determined to get your correct weight defiantly, not like the old spring style scales where you could fool yourself by getting it to read about 5 pounds lighter. 

These new ones, grab ya, shake ya and make sure you know when your butt has gotten too big.  This little beauty will also tell you how much of your magnificent Rubenesque body, is fat compared to muscle.
Don't they know that at my age, first thing in the morning, this much depressing information could cause heart issues? or at very least a 6 doughnut, double-double, panic attack. Technology tends to baffle me but I sure learnt fast how to turn that little beauty off, please let me at least have a few illusions. 

Right now I am strong. I can overcome any temptations facing me, like the line in that old song, I am woman hear me roar. Okay, maybe its more like a mew but I'm going to roar and roar loudly.
Have a terrific day and remember that every journey begins with the first step and this is my first step.    Here's looking at you kiddo. :)

Just noticed I forgot to  give you information about how many points I'm allowing myself or calories per day. 
Calorie count is 1200 Points  are 21.  I'm using the following information to choose snacks and additions to my meals . 

I will be trying to save a few points for the weekend so I can have the occasional safe splurge.  If I'm a good girl, I'd be able to enjoy some Tapas with a glass of wine.  My philosophy is every girl deserves a treat right!  Wait a minute isn't that what got me here in the first place?  Oh well Tapas yumm.  See ya, I'm off to go shake the dust of my runners and think about my exercise strategies

written by Linda Gauthier Photos by Linda Gauthier

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