Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Rain, rain go away come again another day..

Good Morning,

Here on the Pacific coast in beautiful Victoria, B.C., we are having another glorious sunny day.  You can however, begin to feel fall in the air.  I love fall, but it means our rainy winter will be returning sooner than I'd like.  Kids are back in school and the neighborhood is sadly quiet. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend.  We had a quiet weekend, but it was very nice.  My husband and I are just getting used to not having our young adult children around.  They are off forging their own lives and memories, and we are back to getting to know each other as ourselves and not Mom and Dad.  It is nice, scary and fun all at the same time, but I must say I'm rather liking it.

This weekend I had fun creating the food outlined in my menu and  I never once felt cheated or overly hungry.  On Monday, I had a bit of a sugar craving, but I managed it by creating a new recipe, which I will tell you about later.  I have to admit though, I have been changing the menu around a bit, depending on the food mood we are in. (my hubby is eating exactly the same as I am)

For Monday's breakfast, we had the Poached Egg on Corn Tortilla.
It turned out great, but there are a few things I might change for the future though. 

  1.  The recipe is fine, but when I was creating it, I decided to make my own fresh salsa. Therefore, less salt and fresher veggies!  What I found was that it may have been too moist for the tortilla, so it may have been a good idea to lightly toast or warm the tortilla in a nonstick fry pan to slightly crisp it, to try prevent the tortilla from becoming soggy.
  2. I had warmed the tortilla in the microwave.  This was fine, but I don't believe it brought the flavour of the tortilla out as much as toasting it in the pan would have. 

written by Linda Gauthier Photos by Linda Gauthier

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