Friday, 9 November 2012

Behavior Becomes Habit

Written by Linda Gauthier
Stay Positive.

Guess what day it is? Yup, the day of the walk to the scale, weigh in day.
It has been a very busy week and I have lost all concept of time, I'll blame it on the week and not my age.  It seems lately each day is filled and I accomplish a lot, but they all seem to blend into each other.  It is not that I don't have a varied or interesting routine, in fact I have a wonderful life, I'm very happy and satisfied with it.  I do tend to demand a lot of myself, and expect to accomplish far more than is usually possible.  So that could have a bearing on my perception of time.
Hey, a thought just tripped through my confused brain, maybe that is why I've had an issue with my weight in the past.  What, you say??  Well, maybe it is my problem with perception, prior to this, in choosing foods.  I perceived I was eating smaller portions, or I was oblivious to how often I was eating.
It is similar to my perception of how much I can do in one day.  I usually have a list long enough for 2 days worth of work for 2 people and I sit there scratching my head at the end of the day wondering why I didn't get everything done.  Am I crazy or could this be a possibility?  
What I have done over the last couple of months is force myself to change my perception of how much is appropriate to eat at one sitting.  I've forced myself to think about what I'm eating, and when I am eating.  I've done this by setting my menu, and only eating those foods; avoiding spur of the moment nibbles; and only using certain smaller dishes to eat my meal off of.
When I reach goal weight, I will have to start another series of behavior modifications for changing my perception, so I'm able to recognize without the restrictions, what are healthy and appropriate portions, allowing me to maintain my weight.
I believe part of our society's weight issues are caused in part by the manner in which we serve our food.  For instance, we use much larger plates than we did when I was young.  Look at the plates they call "retro" compared to the ones we usually have available to buy in the store today.
Converting to less pre-made and pre-packaged foods is also definitely a plus.  Getting off the salt go-round is another.
I believe our super-sized butts are a sure-fire consequence of our super-sized portion mindset.
So now, on to my reason for today's blog, taking my not-quite-as-substantial-as-it-used-to-be butt over to the scale.  Let's see what I've lost, if anything.

That looks a little better than last week, so it is worth the happy dance.  That makes my total loss since September 1, 2012, wait for it, drum roll please, thrrrtrrrtrrrr:  25.2 lbs!!!
To me, that is totally amazing.  I thought I would be down maybe 12-15 lbs by now, but never 25.2 lbs.
That gives me an average weight loss of 2.8 lbs per week.  Not too Shabby :)
Well, I'm off to make some dinner, but I will be talking to you again later this evening.

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