Friday, 28 December 2012

Boxing Day Feast

Hi Everyone,

The days have gotten away from me with Christmas and the holiday season.  I'm sorry I have not written for the last couple of weeks.  I hope this post finds that you all had a good holiday season filled with family and love.

This is just a little blurb to let you know I am still here and I am still working on my "New Lifestyle Eating" new way of avoiding the dreaded "D" word.

My last weigh-in after the 15th of December found me still at 

However, my weigh-in this morning found a miracle had happened.  The 10 lbs I expected to have packed on during the orgy of food we have been partaking in over the past 2 weeks did not happen and I was pleasantly surprised to find the following:

On Boxing Day, I had my cousins over for brunch and we had a wonderful time, so I thought I'd show you and give you a sampling of the menu I served.  I'd love to thank Marlene and Paul Wilson and Jim and Beryl Cooke, for making our day such a wonderful time and wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Boxing Day Menu

Smoked Salmon on Cucumber slices with Lemon Dilly cheese ,
 garnished with my preserved lemons,
Bacon Leek Cheese Dip on Cucumber slices with a garnish of chives and tomatoes and sweet peppers,
Guacamole made with Epicure Selections Guacamole Dip Mix,
Nacho Cheese Dip of course with Epicure Selections and tortilla chips,
Homemade Turkey Pate flavoured with Epicure Selections Sage and Apple, topped with Epicure Selections Peppercorns and aspic

Etouffee Louisianan Shrimp Dish served on Rice made with Epicure selections Louisiana Hot and Spicy Dip
Tourtiere Traditional French Meat Pie
Antipasto and olive crackers

Main Meal
Baked Ham Glazed with Epicure Selections Cranberry Sauce
Scalloped Potatoes made with Epicure Selections Chive and Bacon Dip Mix
Spinach Salad with Hazelnuts, Roasted Beets and Goat cheese topped with a Epicure Selections Balsamic Dressing and Honey
Homemade Fan-tan Bread Buns

Fresh Fruit
Brandy Plum Tarts
Butterscotch Apple Tarts
Assorted Christmas Cookies and Chocolates

Here are some of the pictures however, I forgot to take some before they started being eaten, but I think you will get the idea.
Salmon and Lemon Dilly cucumber slices in the foreground.

Antipasto, Guacamole and then in small red dish Homemade Turkey Pate

Homemade Turkey Pate

Fresh fruit tree (out of focus, sorry)

Ham glazed in Cranberry Sauce

Louisiana Crawfish Etouffee


Selection off dessert platters, clockwise from left:
Butterscotch Apple Tart, Brandy Plum Tart. asst Sugar Cookies, Homemade Chocolates.

I will be posting the recipes in the next few days for all of these  Menu items, but since I am "a bit of this and a bit of that" type of cook, I have to formulate the recipes, but I do promise I will post them within the week. 

Talk to you soon, in the meantime have a great day, and enjoy your holidays and the holiday season.  Wishing Everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year.

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