Saturday, 22 September 2012

Beginning of week 4 Ta Dah.

Written by Linda Gauthier

It's weigh in day, hope it all works out, kind of had a rough week.  I went out to lunch twice, not that going out to lunch is rough, but it makes controlling what I eat difficult. Too many temptations, well here goes!!

Still losing hurray!! Not as much lost this week, but that could be normal, the first 2 weeks I did lose rather fast.  Total lost 12.6 lbs. It really has not been that difficult, I have found if I use a few simple tricks I'm able to continue without feeling hungry or like I'm being deprived.
 One of the tricks I'm using is to use smaller plates, the plates you see in the pictures are 9" square, but the area within, where the food is placed is only 5 1/2" square. This gives the illusion of having more food, combine that with having 2 glasses of water prior to a meal the mind and stomach are fooled into feeling full. I've reduced the amount of fat and carbohydrates I eat as well. Having things prepared ahead of time, like the vegetables cut up etc. and following a menu does, help control what you eat. Quick, simple, tasteful meals seem to be the key.

Tea Time one of my favorite things 
It's 4o'clock somewhere

Here's this week's menu, recipes to be posted on Sunday.

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