Thursday, 18 October 2012

Weather Changes, Menu Changes, Routine Changes

Written by Linda Gauthier

The rain has arrived with a  vengeance and all I want to do is curl up inside the house and sit by the fire, but I can't allow that to happen, things to do and places to be.  I still have canning to get done, gardens to prep for the winter, rooms to rearrange and walls to paint. Sort of feel like a mouse on a tread mill this week, but that comes from my own expectations and no one else, however speaking of winter preparations and frustrations. 
I'm not the only one frustrated by the rain.  I watched a very  funny interaction the other day outside my kitchen window.  We have 2 squirrels in the neighborhood, who have been running back and forth getting ready for the winter, burying their cache of goodies in everyone's gardens.  We also have some young crows who call our street home.  Well the other day, when the rain was pouring down, I see one of the squirrels under the neighbors hedge, she is completely soaked and looking as harried as I feel today.  I then notice a short distance away two of the young crows, pretending they are just hanging-out minding their own business, when in actual fact they are waiting for the squirrel to go away so they can steal her stash of goodies. I'm assuming the squirrel is a female, having never had any training in squirrel anatomy or behavior, but the reaction seemed very female to me.  Anyway, she moves off over behind the oil tank beside the neighbors house, which happens to be surrounded with long grass which is now soaked.   Mr. Cocky Crow, goes strutting over to the squirrels original hiding place under the hedge, and is looking for the squirrels goodies. Typical  teenage thing, what's to eat uh? What ya got?, sort of attitude.  Next thing I see is a very wet, angry squirrel flying out from the tall grass chirping and jumping up and down, tail raised and defiantly telling the crows to get away from her shopping.  This went on for a few minutes, then she just charged the crows jumping up and down and threatening them with bodily harm, to which they just casually looked at her as if to say What?? I'm not doing anything, they then leisurely flew off leaving her there all soaking wet and angry,which to me seemed like a very male thing to do. Don't you agree ladies?  She decided to hang around for a few more minutes to see if the interlopers would be back, then turned and scurried across the top of the fence and over into the nearby trees. Once again off to do more shopping. 

Now for the segue, wait for it,...... wait for it,...... here it comes,   shopping, menu, supplies etc, etc. Smooth uh? Get it? Well I tried!

So here is the new Menu for this week. Sorry it is late, you'll note I've also changed the style of the menu, hence the theme of changes, how's that for a subtle transition?

Please let me know if this style is easier to read.  Leave me a comment in the comment box, I'd love to hear from you, that is assuming there is someone out there.

So having said that, I believe I will sign this entry off and get back on my treadmill of self- imposed chores, and get a few things done. Before I get sidetracked with more recipes, Pintrest, and so many more things I seem to be using as diversions today.  I'll be back later though with my recipes and pearls of wisdom ;)  You see if you'd comment or give me some hints on what you'd like to hear about, I wouldn't have to inflict my homespun wisdom on you.

Wishing you a great day and peaceful thoughts. Talk to you soon.

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  1. I like the menu - it is easy to read. I have to laugh about the squirrels. I think my resident squirrel is burying stuff in one of my planters I close up in the winter. Boy, he/she is going to be disappointed!