Sunday, 9 September 2012


So we meet again...
written by Linda Gauthier

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words to live by

Week 1 down, several more to go, but I have taken that first step, and it's been a good one.  I'm happy with the results. It has been fun working on the recipes, and I'm finding that I am not missing my old way of cooking or eating.  Using the smaller plates and making each meal an event or at least being mindful of what I'm eating is really helping.  It also helps eating 3 meals a day and not skipping a meal.

I've always eaten a lot of vegetables, but I have also always eaten more meat and bread than I'm allowing myself now.  My old way of eating contained far more oil than now as well.  These few simple changes have truly made a difference. 

With this new attitude and determination, I'm finding I feel better. I'm also noticing when my cravings are hitting, and what is causing them, for instance the other night I was feeling bored, nothing on TV etc. etc. when I found myself standing in the pantry staring into the shelves looking for something to eat.  Not hungry mind you, just wanting something to nibble on, so I made myself some black tea and read my book instead.  Redirecting my attention away from food, which I didn't want or need in the first place.  

You will find this weeks menu and recipes at this link.
Week two menu  I have used recipes from Company's Coming Healthy Choices and Weight Watchers in 20 minutes.  I have tried to make the menu quick and easy for people with busy schedules.

Have a great week I know I'm going to.  I'll post more pictures and comments during the week.  bye for now

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