Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sunday Mornings are the best...

Sunday Mornings are the best.
written by Linda Gauthier

Sunday Mornings are my favorite time and day of the week.  Gary's home and Nicole is not with her caregiver, and we all get to enjoy each others company.  We get up a little later, I usually get up, put the coffee on, turn on my favorite music, at the moment it is either the Black Keys or John Butler Trio.  We sit around, enjoy the first cup of coffee and then I start breakfast.   
My routine is missing a little something right now, but it still is my favorite day, because usually, while I'm cooking I'm dancing.  Until recently, my son would come in and tease me about my dancing and we'd laugh, which in turn would result in us all laughing.  However, he has gone off to travel the world for a year, and it has left a gap in my routine and a small hole in my heart.  Last year, my daughter left and she now lives on the East Coast in St. John's, Newfoundland.  As much as I missed her, I still had her twin brother here, but now they are both gone and my Sundays are not quite the same.  We do however still have our Nicole at home with us, so it is not a bad thing, just different.  Why am I telling you this?  Well, I don't really know, other than this is a time of change, change in life, change in lifestyle, change in cooking style.  Which brings me to my recipe today.
I have never done any baking in the microwave and neither have I ever made corn bread, so this is a first on all fronts.

Microwave Sausage Chile Corn Bread was a pretty good success but... The flavour was good, the texture overall was pretty good, but there were a few areas which may be improved upon.  They may be attributed to my inexperience in baking in a microwave.  I found the timing quoted in the recipe may be too long for my microwave.  The outer crust was crisper and darker than the rest, and the middle portion bottom felt moist or sweaty, but it was cooked through.  On a personal note, it was more a textural thing rather than outright failure.

The flavour was good, the spices and the turkey sausage was nice.  I used a Jalapeno turkey sausage, browned it and then cut it into small pieces.  The cooking time was very quick, so was prep and the clean up was easy.  There is enough leftover for use later in the week or you could freeze it.

Microwave Sausage and Chile Corn Bread

Notice the darker crust it seems to be slightly overdone. May need to adjust cooking time.

square Epicure Silicone Steamer $24.99, I love it :)

5 portions left after feeding 3 for breakfast. will use for lunches.

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