Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Seafood Diet not the See Food Diet week 3

Film noir scenario written by Linda Gauthier

Let me set the scene

 (sound track playing in the background, ominous, moody, the character walks toward her enemy)

The Time and Place:  Weigh in Day

Character Mood and Motivation:

With trepidation she approaches the enemy, it has been a week of challenges, and she's afraid, so very afraid, she may not have been as vigilant as the week before. A look of dread spreads across her face. She is only allowing herself a once a week weigh in, so it is with true nerves of steel she braces herself to step into the ring with her opponent.
Too dramatic? Well it's sort of true, it's more fun than saying I stepped on the scale.  Anyway, here goes, wish me luck.

Next scene:

Camera spans back to capture the look on our heroines face.

Starting weight 171.4 lbs, week 2 164.8 lbs beginning of week 3 160.00 Total lost 11.4 lbs 

feet doing a happy dance, and my thanks to this dear lady who has her photos on Pintrest.You are wonderful.  You make me happy.

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