Friday, 26 October 2012

Another rainy day, requires comfort food...

Written by Linda Gauthier

It seems like only yesterday I was walking around in t-shirts and shorts, wait a minute I was or at least up until our Thanksgiving I was, now I can't seem to get warm and the wet drippy days of fall are truly here.
Just came back from the little farm market up the road and they are closing up for the season.  I bought another 25 lbs of tomatoes just because I can't bear the thought of no fresh tomatoes, however, they will be opening again in 4 months.  Heavy sigh, but I believe I've put enough veggies away to get us through the winter or at least I hope so.  This last batch is going to be made into stewed tomatoes with kale, celery and peppers.  Perfect for soup bases, or pasta dishes, or or or, the list can go on and on.

So comfort food means something different to everyone, but to me, it means things like homemade soups and chowders; I love mushroom soup, thick seafood chowder, Boston-style not Manhattan, macaroni and cheese.  Notice a theme here?  Thick, creamy soups and pastas, not exactly what is on my diet right now, BUT, never fear, the mother of invention is here.  So, on Sunday evening we had homemade wild mushroom soup.  I didn't include a picture because, well, while the taste was to die for, the color was a little like it had died 2 weeks ago.  By that, I mean that it was a little grey and dark colored, so not the most appealing colour.  This colour issue would most likely be alleviated by adding more cream, but on my diet I won't do that now, maybe at a later date.  The flavour and texture were wonderful and satisfying.  In case you have not noticed, for me, a lot of the joy in cooking is the smells, the textures, the sensuality of it.  I have always been like that.  I can remember my cousin watching me as I tasted something for the first time, it usually involved me eating it very slowly, most often with my eyes closed for a good portion of the time and me trying to analyze what spices or herbs were in it, what cooking method was used.  For me, eating is an experience, not just a chore we have to get through, which once again may explain my issue with weight. 

This is my recipe for Wild Mushroom Soup.

Well, I'm going to go put dinner on the table for my family.  I'll write more later this evening.  I leave you with a little something that made me smile today, keep smiling and remember this little ditty....

It always helps to carry a little mistletoe for your back pocket. ❦

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