Saturday, 27 October 2012

If this does not inspire you , I'm not sure what will ...

I know it does me.

Meanwhile at walmart lol!

Does this person have a mirror in their home?  It is not the size that makes me shake my head it is the graphic placement of the tie and face which makes me shake my head and say why? Why would you wear this? Why have you given up so much that you do not care how you dress, or what you look like.  This perception could be due to my age or something but I can remember a time when you never left the house without your hair done, your makeup done, your bra strap never showed and you sure did not go out in your 5 year old child's outfit.  I'm glad things have relaxed, and we don't have such strict expectations anymore, but lady I think this may be just a little too relaxed.
It is weigh-in day, so with this in mind I venture forth, and pray I never see my rear view on Pinterest with the notation Walmart Shoppers.

I have lost 23 lbs from September 1st until today 10/26/12.
Doing the happy dance.  I have set my goal weight at 130-135 lbs, dependent on how I feel and look when I reach that weight. 
I am ecstatic with the progress I'm making and I'm noticing I have developed a whole new attitude.  The other day I was out shopping, it was near lunch, and I thought I had not gone out for lunch in sometime.  Why don't I stop for a bite.  I walked into a restaurant, looked at the menu and thought, "No, I don't want this, there's nothing here that appeals to me.  Turned and left, now without knowing me, you would not know that 3 months ago that would not have happened: 

1. I would have been afraid of offending the staff or appearing strange, and I would have felt awkward just walking out.  Not this time.

2. It seemed I could always find something that would appeal to me to eat on any menu.  It's easy when you don't care about what you are putting into your body, but this time I chose myself and took myself home and had a wonderful salad with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados, sprouts, sunflower seeds and home canned salmon and entire pot of tea.  A meal I could feel good about and it didn't cost an arm and a leg.

So I guess things are truly changing and it is true that it's your mindset and how you view yourself that makes the difference.  It is also said that it takes 21 days to form a habit or to break it so maybe at least for now I've broken the overeating habit, I'm hoping it's going to be a life long change.
Talk to you soon keep smiling and remember to check the rear view, you never know when someone is going to say smile you are our new "people of Walmart Shopper".  Have a great day. 


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