Friday, 26 October 2012

We all have an image in our head of who we are...

written by Linda Gauthier

These words should be taught to all young people from womb to adult hood. If we all saw ourselves as we truly are, and not how we are told we are, or we are told we should be by parents, teachers, peers, magazines, movies, etc. we would have a society that in all likely hood would not have young people starving themselves to death, or destroying their health with bulimic binges.  We would not have young people killing themselves, because bullies who feed their own inadequacies by attacking and destroying others, have chosen to victimize them.  If we all believed and understood that we are all unique, and talented and beautiful in our own way defined by ourselves and not defined by others, we would be a happier, healthier society.  We are a society that has created unrealistic expectations among our young men and women, We have allowed the bullies of this world to hide behind anonymity of social networks, and the technology of today.  We as adults allow the fashion industry to influence how our young people see themselves,  movies promote the image of beauty, and how beauty, popularity and success all go hand in hand; the nerd the geek, the misfit, the overweight, the different are portrayed as being lonely losers who yearn to be the popular beauty, and guess what,we fall for it. 
All this from a caption under a cartoon you say; this cartoon struck a  chord in me, because for years I chose to believe that the view I perceived others held of me was the true image and not the one I felt I was inside.   It was a misconception on my part, but it was one I believed to be true. I wish I had seen this cartoon when I was young and recognized the truths it conveys, it would have saved me a lot of stress and pain,I could have reached the peace I feel now years earlier.  I know this is a strange way to start a blog about weight loss, but for the first time in my life I am losing this weight not to be popular, or pretty, or to fit into a dress or to look good in some picture, I am losing it because I want to. To be healthy and for no other reason other than that. So here we go another week another pound hopefully more but I'll accept 1.  

So this is the menu I've been using this week.

Oven Fried Chicken, Cucumber Tomato Salad, Couscous Stuffed Peppers

Well its now time to leave you, I'll be talking to you again tomorrow. Sorry I was so serious at the beginning of this entry, but sometimes these things just come out, and like the genie I can't put it back in the bottle.
That is another thing that has happened to me in the past few years, with my acceptance as to who I am, I have learnt that I have an opinion and I have a right to it and it is okay to express it. I don't have to expect that everyone will agree with it, but that's okay.

                          1930's advertisement - what a different world!

This is an actual 1930's advertisement   Oh how we have changed !!

Have a good day talk to you soon.

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