Sunday, 21 October 2012

26 years ago I lost a fair amount of weight....

written by Linda Gauthier

I've told you in the past, I've always had a battle with my weight and for the past 26 years I've more or less taken it as given that I'd remain as I was.  It was also my belief that if I was to lose, it would be a couple of pounds, but not a lot.  I was a busy mom with 3 kids, a set of twins and a very special younger sister, they were 11 months apart in age. The youngest had a few more requirements than the other 2, but it was part and parcel of being blessed with these wonderful kids.  However, it didn't leave a lot of time for Mom, so that is why I felt I would remain at, or close to, the weight I was for the rest of my Mommy years.  Now I'm in the Mom Years, kids grown and out on their own and I'm determined to make it.  So today is weigh-in day, let's see what I've done this week.

Ta dah !!!  Yeah!  Yeah!   20 lbs gone, since September 1st, exactly 20 lbs, half way to goal.  Happy, Happy, Happy. 

On this date 26 years ago today, I lost exactly the same amount,
20 lbs as well.  I was working at eating healthy, and working towards a goal weight.  My goal had been for January 7, 1987, but for some reason my body decided that October 20th 1986 was the date I'd achieve my goal.  I was extremely happy but it came as a complete surprise.  The fact that it happened so soon and ahead of schedule left me surprised and apprehensive, and in a strange way I'm feeling the same way today.  I've reached this goal a way ahead of my intended halfway goal, I thought I would be hitting this weight around Christmas, but as before I'm extremely happy.

I thought I'd show you some vintage pictures taken 26 years ago.

#1 Katie with Dad 4 lbs 5 weeks old         #2 Eric 4 lb 5 weeks old      #3 trying to get them to go to sleep     Walker Races,
                                        Notice in pic #4  the attire Katie is  wearing, the very  latest in toilet roll covers
These little bundles were 3 months premature, and arrived weighing in at just over 2 lbs each.  The first 2 pictures are of their first time out of the incubator, the first time we were able to hold them.  Dad and his little girl.  Today is their 26th birthday, and I'm so proud and happy to be their mother. Happy birthday kids, all our love Mom and Dad.  
When they where born I was terrified to believe they'd make it to their first Birthday let alone their 26th one. I would not have thought they'd be doing what they are this weekend.  Eric is in Thailand riding an elephant through the jungle, and Katie is in St. Johns, Newfoundland starting her new life with a wonderful boyfriend.  I miss them both with all of my heart, but I'm really excited for them.
So anyway onto other things.  Talk to you soon.

White Christmas Butter Cake

Happy Birthday Guys, since I can't bake you a cake I thought I'd let you know this is what I would have made for you.  Looks good Uh?
Too bad you are not here, love ya :) 

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